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Sustainability Research: Floating Wetlands Islands University of Virginia Sustainability Grant

Updated: Dec 3, 2020

In 2018, I was the Principle Investigator of an $8,000 University of Virginia Sustainability Research Grant titled: "The Impact of Floating Wetlands Islands on Pollution in a Storm Water Retention Pond". This was a collaborative research project involving a Virginia Beach high school and two non-profit organizations; Lynnhaven River Now, and the Virginia Beach Aquarium.

The project involved placing two floating wetlands islands (FWIs) in a storm water retention pond at a high school in Virginia Beach. Native vegetation was planted on the FWIs with the help of local community members, including high school students. The vegetation is used to help filter out pollutants in the water. The two structures were secured in the retention pond. Weekly water samples were taken and analyzed at the Virginia Beach Aquarium.

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